Unclaimed Funds

Notice of Money and Other Liquid Assets Abandoned or Unclaimed in Power of Bancredito International Bank & Trust, Corporation and Notice of Procedure due to Death of an Account Holder

I. Introduction

In compliance with Act 36 of July 28, 1989, as amended, known as the Law of Abandoned and Unclaimed Liquid Goods (the "Abandoned Funds Act"), Bancredito International Bank and Trust, Corporation ("BIBTC") is required to publish a "Notice of Money and Other Unclaimed Liquid Assets in BIBTC Power" on our website, with those accounts that have an aggregate value of more than one dollar ($ 1.00) and that have remained inactive or in dormant status for a period of five (5) years or more since your last transaction or written communication with BIBTC.

In addition, BIBTC must submit to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico ("OCIF") an Initial Report on Money and Other Unclaimed Liquid Assets held by BIBTC, listing the aforementioned accounts. Such report will contain the names of the persons who have the right to claim money or other liquid assets whose added value is one hundred dollars ($ 100.00) or more. This report will be available for public inspection on our web portal www.bancredito.com. As of November 30th, of each year, BIBTC must remit to OCIFPR the amounts classified as unclaimed dated as of June 30 of that year.

II. Claims

If you have funds in BIBTC, the clients whom prove to have right to collect from these accounts can claim their assets from BIBTC or from OCIF, depending on the date on which the account was classified as "Unclaimed" and the date on which the information is requested.

Once the amounts corresponding to these accounts have been reported and delivered to OCIF, BIBTC's responsibility concerning these accounts ceases. After November 30 of each year, such amounts must be claimed directly to OCIF and will be available as of December 10 of each year. Those funds reported by BIBTC to OCIF after November 30 of each year, may be claimed within a term of three (3) years from the date the funds where delivered to OCIF.

To verify if your account appears on the list which will be sent to OCIF, please contact a customer service representative at: servicios@bancredito.com, or by phone at 787-274-1678 / 79; or review the updated list on our website www.bancredito.com. When contacting the customer service staff, please provide the following information to expedite the search: (1) first and last name or company name; (2) CI or RIF identification number or other identification related to the account; and (3) the account number.

For more information about Unclaimed Funds, please go to the OCIF website. For your convenience, use the following link: http://www.ocif.gobierno.pr/CantidadesNoReclamadas.htm

III. Death

In the event of the death of an Account Holder or Authorized Signature of a Personal Account, the heirs and / or persons authorized to mobilize the Account must immediately notify BIBTC. The deposited funds may not be withdrawn until the survivors carry out the corresponding legal procedures in the country of residence of the deceased. They must also make the corresponding legal arrangements in Puerto Rico, including those related to contributions, remnant estate, and donations if the assets held in BIBTC are greater than $ 25,000.00 and as required by the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.
For more information, please contact the Customer Service Department at 787-274-1678 / 79 or servicios@bancredito.com.

The funds deposited in the Accounts are not insured by the government of the United States of America. In case of insolvency or closure of the institution, the recovery of said funds is not guaranteed by the federal government of the United States of America.